Agriculture is part of everyones life whether you farm or not. Here we discuss agriculture past and present in a way that is approachable to those who currently participate and those who someday want to

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Seven Sons flower with a honeybee

Landscape for Pollinators

We have all heard about the plight of the honeybee but, all pollinators are having difficulties now. One solution is to develop a landscape for pollinators that considers the needs…

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Type 2 pecan flowers

Pecan Pollination Chart

I have put together a pecan pollination chart for the trees we sell or hope to sell sometime. As you will see from the chart pecan pollination is a complicated…

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The Honeybee and the Maple Tree

The Honeybee and the Maple Tree have an interesting relationship. In the very early spring when the perfect combination of freezing nights and warm days allow, the maple tree runs…

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