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Fall Tree Sale

Beginning Sept 1, 2018 Rock Bridge Trees is having a Fall Tree Sale.

All trees must be picked up here at the nursery, 199 Dry Fork Creek Road, Bethpage, TN 37022

This is a real opportunity for you or your Bee Club to get the trees you want at a real discount.

We have larger trees available in the nursery that we cannot ship. These too will be discounted.

All sizes and species can be mixed for the discounts. Our grafted pecans are included in this sale.

Place your orders by phone 615-841-3664 or email.   Contact us   The website will not register these discounts.

Pricing: 1g-$20.00  2g-$30.00  3g-$35.00  5g-$40.00  7g-$45.00  15g-$60.00

List of trees and sizes:

Ivory Silk Tree Lilac- 1g, 2g, 7g

Elderberries, York, Bob Gordon, Wyldewood I-  some 2g

Persimmons- 1g, 2g

Black Locust- 1g. 2g,

Everblooming Black Locust-  5g (limited #)

Vitex Shoal Creek- 1g, 2g

Dwarf Chinkapin Oak- 1g

Black Gum- 1g, 2g

Chinese Golden Rain Tree- 2g, 3g

Japanese Pagoda Tree- 1g, 2g

Allegheny Serviceberry-  2g, 3g

Northern and Southern Catalpa- 2g

Tulip Poplar- 3g, 15g

Chinese Chestnut- 2g 2 yr old $35.00 3 yr old $40.00

Amur Maackia- 1g

Summersweet, Ruby spice- 1g, 3g

Winterberry Holly- 1g, 2 g

Bur Oaks- 15g, 1g, 2g

White Oak-2g, 3g, 5g

Pecans priced as 3g@ $35.00

Grafted Apple Trees 1g @ $16.00 all varieties