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Nursery in the rain

New Things Growing

New Things Growing
Nursery in the rain

We have many new things growing in our nursery. As you may have noticed, we are out of several items in our offerings we have some of everything in the works. Trees grow at their own pace and we are trying to catch up to demand as fast as we can.

We are also trying to add to our offerings. We hope by fall to add the following:

Red Maples, fall color early flowers

Redbud, spring flowers

Hardy Camelias 6 varieties 3 fall blooming and 3 spring blooming. Single flowers for bees. Hardy to zone 6

Inkberry Holly- A bee friendly substitute for Boxwoods

Bringing back, Hummingbird and 16 Candles Summersweet, summer flowers with fragrance

Apple Trees, several varieties

Buttonbush, a honeybee favorite that likes wet feet

Silverbell, a native tree

Winged Sumac, a late summer bloomer

American Hollies- several varieties selected for healthy foliage and berry production.

There may be more things by fall that I can’t remember.

Those of you on our waiting list, it won’t be long now. Things are growing nicely now that it has gotten warm.