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Type 2 pecan flowers

Pecan Pollination Chart

Pecan Pollination
Female pecan flowers

I have put together a pecan pollination chart for the trees we sell or hope to sell sometime. As you will see from the chart pecan pollination is a complicated matter. Any two varieties with a 75% match will provide pretty good pollination. In an orchard situation, having a few odd trees as pollinators will greatly improve yield.

A few trees that are type 0 which means they are somewhat self pollinating. Others as you will see have no overlap at all so, a single tree will never have a pecan. Others have a brief overlap and will have a small crop of self pollinated nuts.

Pecan pollination is not as simple as every type1 fits every type2 and vise versa. I must admit that my understanding of pollination has been greatly expanded by making this chart.

The type 1 and type 2 you like best may not be compatible. In some instances the pollinator tree may be chosen only for its pollination service.

The chart covers a 30 day period from the second week of April until the middle of May. I did not put specific dates on the chart because bloom times will vary depending on how far north or south you happen to be. Other variables include the weather, more specifically the temperature of each given spring. A cool spring may delay the bloom a few days and a warm spring may speed it up a few days. The chart reveals the relative bloom times between the different varieties.

Rain can negatively impact pecan pollination. While rain does not have any impact on when pollen is released,  pecans are wind pollinated and an extended rainy spell during pollination will have an effect.

My hope is this chart will help you choose trees that will pollinate each other and will help me to advise better.    pecan-pollination-chart-rock-bridge-trees