Coming Attractions- Exciting new Trees

If all goes well, we hope to be able to offer some exciting new trees this year.

Here is a brief description:

Black Gum -Nyssa sylvatica, Black Tupelo, Sour Gum. This is the upland version of the famous Swamp Tupelo and is hardy in zones 3 to 9

Fragrant Snowbell- Styrax obassia This is a small tree or large shrub known for its fragrant flowers Hardy in zones 5 to 8

Japanese Pagodatree- Sophora japonica, Japanese Scholar Tree. This tree is spectacular in flower. It is a large broad tree that should be placed to be seen

Southern Catalpa- Catalpa bignoides This tree is already on  my list but has been out of stock. We will have some this year.

Amur Maackia- Maackia amurensis. This is a relatively unknown small tree in the Yellowwood family. It blooms in the June-July period and is attractive to bees. Very trouble free.

Some of these should be available by June