What should I expect when I order a tree from Rock Bridge Trees?

What should I expect when I order a tree? A valid question everyone has when ordering through the mail is”What am I going to get when it arrives?”

We have attached some pictures of our trees. Understand the trees have to fit in a box that is either 48″ or 60″ long so some trees will be cut back to fit the box. Also remember that trees are as individual as people are so, not every tree will be as tall or full as the trees shown here. That said, we aim to send only healthy vigorously growing trees. If we don’t feel good about it we don’t send it out.

All our trees are shipped in the fabric containers you see in the pictures. These containers prune the roots which stimulates them to branch and become a denser more fiberous root system. That dense system of feeder roots helps your new tree become established more quickly and with less stress than you would expect from a bare root tree.

You can see our youtube video on planting a pecan tree here Planting a Rootmaker grown Northern Pecan Tree . All trees are planted the same. There are cultural differences noted in the variety descriptions

Liriodendron tulipfera

Tulip Poplar

Robinia pseudoacaccia

Black Locust

Evodia daniellii

Korean BeeBee tree

Grafted Pecan Trees at Rock Bridge Trees

Grafted Pecan Trees at Rock Bridge Trees

Tilia americana

American Linden

Tilia cordata

Little Leaf Linden

Vitex Agnus castus, var."Shoal Creek"

Vitex Shoal Creek

Syringa reticulata var. "Ivory Silk"

“Ivory Silk” Tree Lilac


  1. Your trees look very healthy and well taken care of.

  2. Thanks, we try hard to have good trees

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